Dear Colleagues!

Registration of media representatives for all days of the X International Congress “Sport, People, Health” December 08-10, 2021) starts on November 01, 2021 and ends on December 01, 2021

Organizing Committee of the X International Congress “Sport, People, Health”: E-mail:; Work Phone: (812) 571-22-34; mobile phone +7 (911) 239-30-36

Russian and foreign media representatives can apply for participation in accordance with the rules of accreditation for events.

Before filling out the registration application, carefully read the rules of accreditation of media representatives at the X International Congress “Sport, People, Health”.

Media Accreditation Rules

For accreditation you need:

Send a mass media registration request  to the Congress organizers’ e-mail

Please fill in all fields of the registration application. Pay attention to the correct spelling of your personal data: this information will be printed on your badge.

Pay special attention to the requirements for a badge photo:

  • colour photograph in JPEG format
  • proportions 3 × 4
  • resolution not less than 480 × 640
  • in the photo you must be shown full face, without any headgear or hats
  • the face image must occupy at least 70% of the photo

When filling out the registration request, you can register all media representatives from your organization, who want to take part in the coverage of the X International Congress “Sport, People, Health”, at once.

Information about the status of your accreditation request, as well as other additional information will be sent to the email address provided as a contact.


CONTACTS E-mail:; Work phone: (812) 571-22-34; mobile phone +7 (911) 239-30-36