Shestakov Vasily Borisovich

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Public Organization for the Promotion of Science and Sports “Sport, People, Health”, St. Petersburg, Russia. President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), Lausanne, Switzerland.

President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), Lausanne, Switzerland.


Dear guests and participants of the Congress!

St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, will host the jubilee XI INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS “SPORT, PEOPLE, HEALTH”.

The choice of St. Petersburg as a venue for the Congress is not accidental, because St. Petersburg is not only one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world, it is also a city with rich sports traditions, schools for the education of champions, and an exemplary scientific school. The natives of the city on the Neva – famous athletes, coaches, leading scientific specialists – are known all over the world.

The main scientific direction of the Congress: “Prospects for the strengthening and development of the Olympic Movement. Problems of modern sports”.

At the Congress, for three days, experts from different fields will share their experience, new data, and achievements in the field of sports and health.

The Congress has significant authority, since its first meeting in 2003 it has regularly (every two years) gathered leading scientists and experts in the development of modern sports, sports medicine, social and legal aspects of physical culture.

The experience gained in St. Petersburg in recent years in this area allows us to become a leading center for the introduction of new technologies and approaches in the practical improvement of the population by means of physical culture and sports.

The main goal of the Congress is to use the results of academic and scientific research, to exchange our experience and best practices for the promotion and encouragement of physical activity and sports, the study of relevant international experience.

Physical activity and sports should contribute to the formation of a modern lifestyle that makes it possible to extend the creative period of human activity. Sport and physical activity are designed to become a specific school for a person, teaching him to work on himself, his health, physical fitness, and beauty.

I wish all the participants of the Congress fruitful work, interesting discussions, strengthening of partner and friendly contacts, and, of course, vivid impressions from meetings with our beautiful city!