1. Modern threats to the Olympic ideals and principles. Legal, organizational, social, political, and economic aspects and contradictions of the modern international Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic movements.  Improvement directions of relations and activities of international organizations to ensure compliance with anti-doping rules.
  2. Doping in sports as an interdisciplinary problem:

          2.1. Legal and organizational problems of anti-doping rules and detection of doping

          2.2. Medical and biological aspects of doping in modern sports.

          2.3. Reserve capacities of human body and legal ways of their releasing in  high performance sport.

3. Scientific, methodical and psychological assurance of the high performance sports. Actual problems of modern sports training.

4. The problem of sudden death in sport. The role of pharmacological support and cardioprotectors.

5. Best practices and innovations of modern sports medicine.

6. Anti-doping education: state of problem, directions of development.

«Anti-doping education programs for different target audiences: principles of the creation, and implementation experience».



  1. Essence of the concepts «doping» and «anti-doping rule violation». The border of allowed and prohibited.
  2. Anti-doping rules and human rights.
  3. Fight against doping: assurance of fair play or a policy tool? The role of mass media and information environment in combatting doping in sports and preserving the Olympic ideals and principles, ethical values of the world sports.