Dear Andrey Mikhailovich!

Congratulations on your BIRTHDAY!

We wish your life to be full of tenderness, warmth and attention of your friends and family.

The doctor's work is not easy, it’s responsible and always honorable.

You help people to regain not only health, but also vitality, and self-confidence.

Let there be more attention and kind words of gratitude from your patients, let less hardship and difficulties be in your work.

We wish you professional success, good health,

happiness and prosperity.


Happy Athlete's Day!

Dear friends!

Physical culture and sport are important factors in the upbringing of the young generation, for which our future and glorious victories are reserved.
Good physical conditions, positive thinking, healthy lifestyle of each of us is a contribution to the future health of the nation.

On this day we want to mention especially those who admire us with their skill, will power, perseverance, aiming for the goal and beautiful victories.

With all one's heart we congratulate athletes and sportsmen, coaches, teachers, organizers, veterans of sports, fans and everyone who cares about sport, on the Athlete's Day!
We wish you good health, sports longevity, success and new bright victories!


Today is the anniversary of Mr. Sergei Grigorievich Scherbak, Chief Doctor of the Saint Petersburg State-financed Health Institution “City Hospital 40 of Kurortny District”, member of the Scientific Committee of the Interntional Congress "Sport, People and Health"

Dear Sergei Grigorievich!


The profession of a doctor is one of the noblest and most necessary for society.

Your work is not easy, it’s responsible and always honorable. It is you who help people to regain not only health, but also vitality, and self-confidence.

We wish you good health, success in your noble mission, happiness, peace,

goodness and prosperity!


Today, Mr. Vasily Borisovich Shestakov, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, International SAMBO Federation (FIAS) President, Russian Association of Sports Facilities President, Chairman of the International Social Organization for the Promotion of Science and Sports “Sport, People and Health”, two-time master of sports of the USSR, Merited Coach of the RSFSR, State Duma Deputy of IV-VI convocations (2003-2016), Meritorious Physical Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, was awarded the diploma and the gown of the Doctor Honoris Causa of the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education (Saint Petersburg), Sport and Health. The official ceremony was held at the meeting of the Scientific Council of the University.

The Doctor Honoris Causa title is awarded to outstanding scientists, educators and cultural figures, state and public figures who contributed to the development of international scientific, cultural, economic and political cooperation.

Honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa of the Lesgaft University" is an official recognition of the special merits of Russian and foreign citizens, actively engaged in public activities and having personal merits to the University in the scientific, educational, cultural and sports fields.

Mr. Sergey Yevgenyevich Bakulev, Rector of the Lesgaft University, solemnly awarded the diploma and the gown of the Doctor Honoris Causa and congratulated Mr. Vasily Shestakov with the receiving of an honorary title.

Mr. Vasily Borisovich Shestakov thanked the Rector and all the members of the Scientific Council and, in his turn, presented a rare copy of the "Magazine of 1928 Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR" from the personal archive to the University Museum.