April, 27 – registration of participants, Congress opening ceremony, plenary assembly, exhibition opening 

April, 28 – academic workshops, panel sessions, roundtable conferences, master classes 

April, 29 – final plenary assembly, Congress closing, entertainment program (tours, outdoor events: attending sport facilities of Saint Petersburg) 


  1. P.F.Lesgaft’slegacy in the context of facing current challenges of physical culture and sports.  
  2. Prospects for strengthening and development of the International Olympic movement, Paralympic and Deaflympic sports, as well as ‘Sport for all’ international movement as part of the global sports movement. 
  3. Ways of fighting the use of prohibited drugs and methods in sports.Comprehensive consideration of doping problems in modern sports.
  4. Methodological support of top-class sports. Acute challenges of the modern sports training.
  5. Psychological support of modern sports and unstructured moderate-intense physical training.
  6. Acute challenges of gender-related research in modern sports.
  7. Biomedical support of sports training and unstructured moderate-intense physical training.
  8. Medical support of sports; treatment and rehabilitation in sports.
  9. Sports communications and sports diplomacy.
  10. Megaprojects in sports and their legacy.
  11. Acute issues of adaptive physical culture and adaptive sports. 
  12. Innovative projects and best practicesaimed at harmonious development of people within the systems of physical culture, sports, healthcare and education in world’s countries.
  13. Prospects for development of staff’s training and enhancement of skills in the field of physical culture and sports under current conditions.
  14. Acute challenges of moderncombat sports, applied martial arts, and combat sports.