Before JULY 20, 2021the scientific committee will determine the authors to be included in the congress’ scientific program as speakers, and choose young authors of best articles to be granted the ‘PROMISING INNOVATIVE IDEA’ award. 

  • The materials must be executed according to the requirements and submitted in Russian or English (automatic translations done via an automatic online translator without any proper editing shall not be accepted). 
  • The length of an article is up to 6 full A4 pages, including the bibliography, charts and pictures; orientation: portrait. 
  • Text editor: Microsoft Word for Windows version 6.0 or newer. 
  • Page margins: upper, lower, right – 2.0 cm, left – 3.0 cm. 
  • Font type: Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt. 
  • Line spacing – one and a half, full justification. No hyphenation. 
  • Paragraph indentation throughout the whole text – 1.0 cm. 

The articles are included into the Congress’ Collection of academic materials only as they have been approved by the Congress’ scientific committee and the publication fee has been paid (the publication fee is to be paid only after the scientific committee has approved the material to be published). The scientific committee reserves the right to reject any articles that do not meet the Congress’ agenda or submission requirements, or submitted to the scientific committee later than JULY 1, 2021, as well as the right to eventually edit the articles when publishing them 

The authors will be notified of the status of article inclusion in the Collection or in the program of oral/poster presentations not later than SEPTEMBER 1, 2021. 


  • Number and name of the Congress subpanel. 
  • Name of the article in Russian and English: font size 14, font type Times New Roman, in capitals, bold, center alignment. 
  • Last names and abbreviated first names of the authors, their academic rank and degree in Russian and English: under the heading, font size 14, font type Times New Romancenter alignment. 
  • Abbreviated official name of the organization in Russian and English: under the author’s name, font size 14, font type Times New Romancenter alignment. 
  • City and country in Russian and English (to be pointed out for each author): under the organization’s name, font size 14, font type Times New Romancenter alignment. 
  • Brief abstract of the article in Russian and English (up to 500 characters with spaces). 
  • Key words (in Russian and English). 
  • Short introduction. 
  • Research methods (materials and methods). 
  • Research results and their analysis. 
  • Conclusion (findings). 
  • There can be up to 4 co-authors of each article. 
  • There must be references to all bibliographic sources presented in the article, throughout the text of the article: the design must meet the requirements of GOST 7.0.5-2008. 
  • The list of references (bibliography) must be placed in the end of the article in alphabetical order: the design must meet the requirements of GOST Р 7.0.100-2018. 



  • at plenary assemblies – 20-25 minutes
  • presentations at panel sessions – 15-20 minutes
  • at subpanels – 10 -12 minutes (flagship reports at subpanels – 15-20 minutes) 
  • poster sessions must be presented on ISO216 sheet of paper: width -0.841 m, height – 1.189 m. The poster’s authors must be present according to the program for answering questions. 


After the Congress, a printed and electronic Collection of materials comprising the articles presented by Congress’ participants will be issued. The Collection will be posted on the Congress website 

The articles are included into the printed and electronic versions of the Congress’ Collection of academic materials as they have been approved by the Congress’ scientific committee and the publication fee has been paid (the publication fee is to be paid only after the scientific committee has approved the material to be published). 

An author may submit two articles at most (including co-authored articles) to be reviewed by the Congress’ scientific committee. 


  • The main requirement for posters is a clear presentation of main points of the research, and no unimportant information. 
  • The information must be put vertically on A1 sheet (841 х 594 mm); 
  • Minimum text (not more than 25 % of the overall material); 
  • Priority must be given to simple sentences and lists; 
  • In order to highlight the names of sections and subsections, bold type or bigger letters must be used; 
  • Font size must be big enough to easily read the text from a distance of one or two meters: body text must be at least 24 pt, headlines — 28—44 pt; 
  • Fonts of sans serif family must be used, like Arial or Helvetica (in contrast to the traditional Times New Roman, they are better suited for reading from distance); 
  • Text color must contrast against the background; the unspoken rule is ‘dark text against bright background’ and vice versa; 
  • Graphics must be broad-ranging: tables, pictures, diagrams, photos; 
  • All pictures must be of adequate resolution (at least 300 dots per inch), in order to avoid pixelation; 
  • The text on the poster must start at the left upper corner and end at the right lower one; 
  • The upper part of the poster must contain the name of the poster presentation and author’s full name; 
  • Auxiliary sections (contact details, credits, bibliography) must be put in the lower part of the poster in smaller letters. 
  • When putting the information in the poster, you should remember that the optical center of a sheet is usually 1/8 higher than the geometric one. 
  • In addition to the poster placed on a vertical surface, the speaker may have handout materials for attendees (reductions of the poster, versions translated to other languages, author’s calling cards etc.). 

Speakers must provide translation of poster presentations into English. The English version may be put in the poster itself, or, in order to save space, be contained in handout materials. 

Making a poster is entirely the responsibility of the speaker. The organizing committee of the congress do not make posters, nor print and deliver them to the poster presentation venues. 

A speaker must be present at the poster session on the day and at the time preliminarily agreed upon by the Organizing committee. If the speaker is late, the poster presentation is excluded from the poster session program. 

The list of poster presentations will be included in the annotated program of the Congress. In order to have their presentation included in the program, a speaker must, before SEPTEMBER 1, 2021, submit to the Organizing committee the poster presentation application form containing the following information in Russian and English (the translation must be done by a professional translator; application forms containing machine translation will not be accepted): 

  • Name of the poster presentation; 
  • Full name, rank, degree (if any), employer, and position of the speaker; 
  • Email and mobile phone number of the speaker. 

Park Inn Radisson “Pribaltiyskaya”, the largest congress hotel in Saint Petersburg. 

Address: 14 Korablestroiteley Ul., Saint Petersburg, Russia 

Congress hall Blue 4 (total area of 570 sq. m.) will be used for the Exhibition 

Please submit your poster presentation application forms to the Congress’ e-mail: