Dear colleagues!

Representatives of Russian and foreign mass media can apply for participation in accordance with the rules of accreditation for the events. 

Before filling in the registration form please read carefully the rules of accreditation of media representatives at International Congress SportPeopleand Health’. 

Rules of Accreditation of Mass Media

For accreditation you need: 

To fill in the registration form for mass media at the official website of the Congress. 

Please fill in all the gaps of the registration form. Be careful with spelling of your personal data as the information provided will be printed on your badge. 

Be especially careful about the requirements for the photo for the badge: 

  • Colour photo in JPEG format 
  • proportions 3×4 
  • photo size no less than 480×640 pixels 
  • position: facing the camera, with no head covering 
  • the face must fill at least 70% of the photo 

While filling in the registration form you can register all the media representatives of your organisation willing to cover the events of International Congress SportPeopleand Health’. 

Information on the status of your application and other additional data will be sent to your contact email. 

For print media: 

  • newspapers – 3 people (2 correspondents, 1 photographer) 
  • magazines – 2 people (1 correspondent, 1 photographer) 

For information agencies – 4 people (2 correspondents, 2 photographers) 

For electronic media (including blogs) – 2 people (1 correspondent, 1 videographer) 

For television companies – 7 people (2 correspondents, 1 producer, 2 operators, 2 sound operators) 

For radio companies – 2 people (2 correspondents) 

Media representatives wishing to take part in covering events of X International Congress SportPeopleand Health’ and representatives of specialized media wishing to take part in covering a specific business event of the Congressmust file an accreditation application (Applicationvia the official Congress website ( in section Mass Media. 

  • All Application fields must be filled in, with special attention paid to mandatory fields marked with an asterisk 
  • Applications via the official Congress website may be filed from from 1 September to 10 October 2021 
  • Application processing time: from five calendar days following the deadline for accepting media registration applications 
  • Accreditation of media representatives is valid for all Congress days. 
  • Media representatives will receive accreditation badges subject to approval of their registration application by the Organizing Committee of the Congress 
  • Accreditation badges will be issued on the first day of the Congress 27 October 2021 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. in Park Inn Radisson Pribaltyiskaya (Saint Petersburg, 14 Korablestroiteley str.) 
  • Accreditation badges will only be issued subject to the following conditionsa confirmed accreditation stored in Congress databaseupon showing the passport (the passport number must match the number listed in the registration questionnaire), for Russian and foreign media – upon the presentation of an ID issued by the news organization (or a press card). 
  • The badge is personal and non-transferable during the Congress. Please wear your badge visibly at all times while in the Congress venue. 
  • No other accreditation cards are valid for access to the Congress venue. 

The Organizing Committee of the Congress has the right to refuse accreditation to persons who are not media representatives and do not hold the positions specified when filling in the application. The Organizing Committee of the Congress reserves the right to refuse accreditation without giving a reason. 

Media representatives accredited at the Congress may: 

  • receive information about official events and exhibitions of the Congress (press releases, business program, etc.) 
  • work at the sites of the Congress during official events 
  • attend press conferences, media scrumsbriefings and other press events 

Media representatives accredited at the Congress must: 

  • fact-check the information they report 
  • meet requests of the persons providing information to include a reference to the source 
  • when obtaining information from private individuals or officials, inform them about audio or video recording, filming or photo shooting  
  • in conducting their professional activities, upon first request, show a badge or any other document certifying the journalist’s identity and authority 
  • suspend (stop) photo / video filming at the request of representatives of the Congress security service 
  • not distribute any print materials at the Congress venue without approval from the Organizing Committee of the Congress 
  • follow Congress Reference Policy if using official information and quoting statements of participants of the Congressi.e. finished materials must contain a mention of the Congress (text or emblem / logo) and the source of the information received, for electronic media – a link to the official website of the Congress , making any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information is not allowed 

Reference Policy 

When using official information and citing the statements of the Congress participants, finished materials should contain a mention of X International Congress SportPeopleand Health’ and the source of the information received or contain a link to the Congress website, if the information is taken from the website. Making any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information is not allowed. 

  • Print media / Radio / Television any program or interview taken at the venue of the X International Congress SportPeopleand Health must contain a mention of the Congress (text or emblem / logo) 
  • Internet publications  any article or interview written in the course of work or following the X International Congress ‘Sport, People, and Health’ must contain a mention of the Congress (text or emblem / logo) 
  • Photographs – any released photograph must contain a reference to the X International Congress ‘Sport, People, and Health’ in the image or in the caption (text or emblem / logo) 
  • Blogs/ social networks – when using the official information received as part of the participation in the X International Congress ‘Sport, People, and Health and citing the statements of the Congress participants (citing participants in the Congress should take place with their personal consentready-made materials posted on the Internet (blogs, social networks, etc.) must contain reliable facts 

The Organizers of the Congress are not responsible for the statements of bloggers on the Internet and social networks. 

IPO ‘Sport, People, and Health’ informs that it has the right to use the text of articles, photo and video materials received or created by media representatives during the preparation or holding of events of the X International Congress ‘Sport, People, and Health’, with reference to the authors of the materials. 


Plenary Hall

Meeting room (VIP participants), press events, agreement signing

Hall (2 floor, in front of the plenary hall BLUE 4+5)

Halls for breakout sessions, conferences, trainings

Press points

Distribution of press releases (announcements)

Press releases (announcements) of press events are posted on the official website of the Congress, in the Media’ section, and at the information desk during the days of the Congress. All materials are provided in Russian and English. 


All Congress venues have free Wi-Fi Internet access.