In 2017, Saint Petersburg, one of the beautiful cities, will host the 8th International Congress "Sport, People and Health".
It is not surprisingly that Saint Petersburg is hosting this event. The city is not only one of the famous and beautiful cities of the world, it also has rich sports traditions, champions training and scientific schools. Famous sportsmen, coaches, leading scientists which were born in Saint Petersburg are well-known worldwide.
The main scientific target of the Congress is "Sports for all: Unity of the Olympic Movement. Preservation of ethical values of the world sports".
During three days of Congress sessions, experts in different spheres will share their experience, knowledge and achievements in sport and health.
The Congress possess significant credibility, whereas it regularly (once in 2 years) gathered leading scientists and experts for the development of modern sport, sports medicine, social and legal implications of physical culture since the first Congress in 2003.
Experience in this sphere collected in Saint Petersburg during the last years allows the city to become a center of excellence in implementation of new technologies and approaches in practical public recuperation by means of physical education and sports.
The main objective of the Congress is a necessity to use the results of academic and scientific research, sharing of experience and best practices in promotion and encouraging physical and sports activity, studying of relevant international experience.
Physical activity and sport should promote modern lifestyle that allows for the extension of creative activities of human. Physical activity and sport aimed to become an unique school of human's self-improvement, personal health improvement, physical preparedness and beauty.

Mr. Vasily Shestakov 

The Executive Committee Chairman, of the ISO "Sport, People and Health"



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